Hannibal Season 2 Episode 3
Season 2, Episode 3
General Information
Series Hannibal (2013)
Air date 14 Mar. 2014
Written by Steve Lightfoot, Jason Grote
Directed by Peter Medak
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Sakizuki Takiawase
Hannibal (2013) episodes

Will is put on trial for the murder of 4 women. As the trial progresses, Will learns that there is killer who is demonstrating his admiration by killing in a similar way to the other 4 murders.

Plot Summary

Will is tried in court for the murder of 3 girls and Abigail Hobbs. Initially, the trial is not going well for Will as evidence mounts against him. Then Jack Crawford takes the stand. Despite it being professional suicide, Jack admits that he had broken Will psychologically by pushing him to do the criminal profiles. After the trial, Will receives an ear in the mail. With Jack's testimony and this new piece of evidence, Jack, Will and Hannibal suspect that there is another killer is an admirer of Will. The FBI examines the ear and discovers that the ear was cut using one of Will's knives. They learn that the knife had come into possession of a bailiff in the court and had never left the bailiffs possession. Jack orders FBI agents to break into the bailiff's house, There they find the bailiff's body killed in the same way as the other victims.

Hannibal takes this new evidence to Will and convinces him that he should drop the insanity defense and plead innocent. Will looks at the photos and finds that it is a different killer than the one who killed Abigail. Nevertheless, he pleads innocent. The next day, Hannibal testifies for Will in court. Hannibal argues that the second killer could be the one who killed the four girls. However, prosecutor sees through his argument and points out that the bailiff was mutilated after death as opposed to before death. The judge invalidates Hannibal's testimony and Will is now unable to use his insanity defense. Hannibal takes matters into his own hands and kills the judge in his room. The court case is forced to reset and Will's life is spared for the moment. Alana Bloom visits Will in his cell. After talking about the new killer, Alana admits that she wants to save Will. Then Will holds her hands.


  • Hugh Dancy as Will Graham
  • Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
  • Caroline Dhavernas as Dr. Alana Bloom
  • Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford
  • Hettienne Park as Beverly Katz
  • Scott Thompson as Jimmy Price
  • Raúl Esparza as Dr. Frederick Chilton
  • Shawn Doyle as Attorney Brower
  • Barry Flatman as Judge
  • Aaron Abrams as Brian Zeller
  • Lara Jean Chorostecki as Freddie Lounds
  • Maria del Mar
  • Greg Dunham as Janitor
  • Cynthia Nixon as Kade Prurnell


  • The title, Hassun, is a Japanese word for a meal that sets up the seasonal theme of the meal.


Dr. Hannibal Lector: "There may very well be another killer."
Will Graham: "I want there to be"
―Dr. Hannibal Lector visits Will in prison.[src]

"Will Graham is driven by his own vanity and his whims. He has a very high opinion of his own intelligence. Ergo, he caught the other killers simply to prove that he was smarter than all of them too. Saving lives is just as arousing as ending them. He likes to play God."
―Dr. Frederick Chilton on the state of Will Graham's mental health[src]
Dr. Hannibal Lector: "I don't want you to be here."
Will Graham: "I don't want me to be here either."
―Dr. Hannibal Lector visits Will in prison.[src]

"Psychopathic violence is predominately goal oriented, a means to a very particular end."
―Dr. Hannibal Lector[src]

Image Gallery

Will Graham: "Walked out of that court room and I could hear my a hollow drumming of wings. I had the absurd feeling that whoever this killer is...he walked out of that court room with me. He's going to reach out to me."
Dr. Alana Bloom: "What does he want?"
Will Graham: "He wants to know me. What do you want?"
Dr. Alana Bloom: "I want to save you."

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