Cherokee Rose
The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4
Season 2, Episode 2.4
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 6 Nov 2011
Written by Evan T. Reilly
Directed by Bill Gierhart
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Glenn and Maggie make a run into the pharmacy to pick up something for Lori; The group tries to get a walker out of a well; Lori learns that she is pregnant.

Plot Summary

When Carl wakes up after surgery, he asks Rick if Sophia is safe. Not wanting stress Carol, Rick lies that Sophia is fine. Dale and the others on the highway move the RV and the cars to the farm. Together with Hershel and his family, the group has a funeral for Otis. Afterward, Rick organizes search parties to go find Sophia. Dale and T-Dog find a well with a walker trapped below. Dale and T-Dog call for the others. They try to pull the walker out of the well using a rope, but they are not able to coax to the walker into the noose. They decide to lower Glen into the well so that he can put the rope around the walker. After a close call where Glen almost falls into the well, Glen is able to put a rope around the walker. They try to pull the walker up, but the walker is stuck at the mouth of the well and splits in half; the lower portion falls into the well and contaminates it.

Glen and Maggie are asked to run into town to pick up medicine. Lori secretly asks Glen to discretly pick up something for her. Glen and Maggie ride off to the pharmacy. Inside, Glen searches for the item that Lori is looking for, but finds condoms instead. Maggie notices this and they have sex in the store. Afterward, she becomes cold to him. Meanwhile, Rick asks Hershel to reconsider the possibility of allowing his group to stay on Hershel's land. Hershel tells Rick that if his group promises to obey Hershel's rules, he would consider Rick's proposal. Dales investigates a house, but find nothing but a flower. He gives the flower to Carol to comfort her. Rick feels guilty for that lie that he had told his son in the morning. When he goes to confess his lie, Carl tells him that he already knows the truth. Under the cover of night, Lori sneaks into the fields to use her pregnancy test she got from Glen. The test shows that she is pregnant.

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