File:The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5.jpg
Season 2, Episode 2.5
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 13 Nov 2011
Written by David Leslie
Directed by Guy Ferland
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Cherokee Rose Secrets
The Walking Dead episodes

The group makes a plan that Hershel disagrees with adamantly. Daryl finds a sign of life and tries to make it back to the farm alive.

Plot Summary

Lori has a nightmares of a nightmare where she was stuck on a highway with Carol, Shane and her son after the outbreak. The group heads out once more to search for Sophia. As they go through their assigned area, Shane calls Rick soft being unable to call off search when it is weakening the group. Meanwhile, Daryl takes a horse from Hershel's stable and rides it into the woods. The horse kicks Daryl off its back when it sees a snake. Daryl is flung into a small pool of water and is impaled by his arrow. Daryl begins to see visions of his brother taunting him. Daryl is then attacked by two walkers. Daryl kills one of them with a tree branch. He dispatches the other by pulling the arrow out of his side and shooting the walker with it. He crafts a necklace made of a walker's ears and heads back to the farm.

When Daryl comes back to the camp, he is mistaken as a walker by Andrea. She shoots him with a rifles and grazes the side of his head. After the close call, Daryl is taken to Hershel and is given medical aid. Elsewhere, Glenn tries to convince Maggie to consider having a relationship with him. At dinner, Maggie passes a note to Glenn asking where he wants to meet. Glenn sends the note back with his answer that he is heading to the barn. At night, Glenn sneaks off to the barn. He climbs up to the second story and finds a group of walkers. Maggie catches up to him after reading the note and tells him that he was not supposed to see what was in the barn.

Differences from the Source Material

  • In the comics, Glenn and Maggie are caught together in bed by Hershel.

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