Hannibal Season 2 Episode 6
Season 2, Episode 6
General Information
Series Hannibal (2013)
Air date 4 Apr. 2014
Written by Andrew Black, Bryan Fuller, Scott Nimerfro, Steve Lightfoot
Directed by Tim Hunter
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Mukozuke Yakimono
Hannibal (2013) episodes

Jack begins investigating Hannibal. Meanwhile, Alana finds support in Hannibal. A ghost from Jack's past returns to his life.

Plot Summary

Jack visits Will to confront him about his attempted murder of Hannibal using the nurse. He finds that Will is unremorseful about the matter. Will explains that the ripper is eating thebodies of his victims and points out that if Hannibal is the killer, he will be holding a party. Meanwhile, Hannibal is consoled by Alana. She tells him that he must not let the experience get him down. Hannibal agrees and kills a man later that day. The next day, the police find the man strung up on a tree.

In Will's cell, Will discusses with Gideon the night they were both at Hannibal's home. Gideon admits that Hannibal told him to kill Alana. Chilton, hearing this conversation, sends a recording of it to Jack as testimony that Hannibal is the ripper. When Jack interviews Gideon to confirm it, Gideon calls Chilton a liar and tells Jack he is looking in the wrong place. Later, Gideon is beaten by the guards after he begins to gossip about the nurse he murdered. He is then sent to the hospital. Like Will had predicted, Hannibal hosts a party and invites Jack to join. Jack noticing the increased number of ripper murders recently and the amount of dishes with meat at the party become suspicious. He takes one of the dishes and takes it to the lab to have it analyzed for human flesh.

After the party, Alana begins talking with Hannibal. They bond over their lost friendship with Will. Then they have sex. Hannibal secretly drugs Alana and sneaks out of his house. He sneaks into Gideon's hospital room and kidnaps him. Then he leaves a guard hanging from the ceiling using fish hooks. The police are alerted and Jack's suspicions turn to Hannibal. He goes to Hannibal's home to question him. However, Alana vouches that he was at his home the whole night. At Hannibal's home, he cuts Gideon's legs and forces him to eat them. Though reluctant, Gideon complies. At the lab, Jack learns that the food contains no human flesh. The scientists also tell him that the fish hook contain hairs of all the murders that Will is accused of. Jack concludes that there is no copycat killer, but it was the ripper all along. The scientists then find water in the lungs of the man strung to the tree. They use the water to pinpoint the location of the murder. Jack uses this data and heads to the location where he finds his star pupil, Miriam alive.


  • Originally, Anna Chlumsky’s character, Miriam Lass was supposed to make her reunion with Jack at the end of season 1. Bryan Fuller had planned for her to appear after Will had been sent to jail. She would have appeared in Jack's bedroom at the very last minutes of the final episode. However, Anna Chlumsky was busy with her other show, Veep, and Bryan felt that the reveal would lessen the impact of Will's imprisonment.
  • The word "Futamono" refers to a dish covered by a lid. It is likely that the title refers to Miriam Lass, who appears at the end of the episode under the lid of a well.
  • Fuller had originally planned for Abigail Hobbs to be the person Jack finds in the well. If Anderson's schedule did not have space for the series, Fuller said that he would have used Abigail in her place as a witness against Hannibal.


"There's a common emotion we all recognize and not yet named: the happy anticipation of being able to feel contempt."
―Will Graham[src]
"If the Ripper is killing, you can bet Hannibal Lecter is having a dinner party. You and I probably sipped wine while swallowing the people who who we were trying to give justice, Jack."
―Will Graham[src]
Dr. Hannibal Lector: "We both have to transform our misfortunes into life enhancing events. "
Jack Crawford: "Well, when you figure out how to do that, do let me know."
Dr. Alana Bloom: "You’re awake. I’m thinking about funerals. And how much they make us want sex."

"Jack, he fits the profile. He is attracted to medical and psychological fields because they offer power over man. Cannibalism...Cannibalism is an act of dominance."
―Dr. Frederick Chilton[src]

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