File:The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6.jpg
Season 2, Episode 2.6
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 20 Nov 2011
Written by
Directed by David Boyd
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Glenn knows too much for his comfort level; Shane and Andrea search a suburb for Sophia. Lori comtemplates on keep the baby or having an abortion.

Plot Summary

The group decides to train their members in the use of guns. Carl asks Shane if he could be trained us well, but Shane denies his request. When he notices that Carl had stolen a gun from the RV, Shane has a talk with Carl's parents about whether Carl should be trained. Rick and Shane soon that Carl can be trained despite Lori's protests. Glenn tries to duck out of the gun practice by lying that he is going to help Dale. However, Dale is nearby and is able to see through Glenn's lies. He has a talk with Glenn which leads to him revealing that Lori is pregnant and that there are walkers in the barn. Dale brings the issue of the barn to Hershel, but is told to keep quiet about it. Hershel explains that the walkers in the barn are his family and friends and that he is keeping them there until there is a cure.

During the gun practice, Rick and Shane notice that Andrea has some talent for handling a gun. Shane decides to to give her more advance lessons elsewhere. In the woods, Shane begins teaching Andrea to shoot a moving target. He berates her when she can't hit her target. Andrea storms off after Shane brings up her sister. He follows her in his car; he apologizes and asks her if she wants to search for Sophia with him. They head out to a suburban area, but they find no trace of Sophia. Suddenly, a horde of walkers attack them. As they fend off the walkers, Andrea is able to learn how to hit a moving target with some guidance from Shane. They are able to get away using the car that they had brought with them. As they drive, Andrea makes a move on Shane. He stops the car and they have sex. When they get back, Dale confronts Shane about the night Otis had died. Shane responds by threatening the old man.

Dale talks to Lori about her pregnancy and tells her that the baby will be able to find happiness in the world despite the dangers they face. Afterward, Lori asks Glenn to run into town to pick up something for her. Maggie and Glenn ride to the pharmacy. In the store, they are attacked by a walker, but Glenn is able to kill it. When they get back to the farm, Glenn gives Lori the anti-abortion pills; then he suggests that Lori should not make the choice alone. Lori takes the pills, but vomits them out when she changes her mind. Rick finds the anti-abortion pills and confronts Lori about it. They argue about whether the baby would have a chance in the world, but Rick thinks that they can make it work. He then asks Lori if she is keeping anymore secrets. She tells him that she had a relationship with Shane while he was missing. Ricks tells her he knew about it.

Differences from the Source Material

  • Hershel does not keep the walkers in the barn a secret. He tells Rick this fact himself instead of Glenn.
  • Hershel is less tolerant of the fact that Rick's group has been killing walkers while Rick is less tolerant of the idea that Hershel is holding walkers in his barn. Rick's attitude in the comics is closer to that of Shane's in the TV series.
  • Likewise, Hershel does not approve of the gun training because their bullets could be damaging a neighbor's home. In the comic series, Hershel is even more committed to keeping his neighbors and their possessions intact.
  • No one in Rick's group opens the barn. Instead, the walkers break free when Hershel tries to put a walker into the barn. Lacey, Shawn, and Arnold are killed by the walkers when they try to save their father from the walkers.
  • Sophia does not emerge from the barn because she is never lost.

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