File:The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7.jpg
Season 2, Episode 2.7
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 27 Nov 2011
Written by Scott M. Gimple
Directed by Michelle McLaren
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Secrets Nebraska
The Walking Dead episodes

Secrets are told and revealed; Hershel refuses to acknowledge the world's new reality; Andrea comes out of her shell; everything is food for something.

Plot Summary

Glenn gets in front of the group and reveals that Hershel is keeping walkers in his barn. Upon hearing this news, Rick says he will talk to Hershel about the matter. Unfortunately, the issue is not opened for discussion with Hershel and he asks the group to leave within a week when Rick pushes the subject with him. Before leaving the house, Rick mentions that the group needs to stay because Lori is pregnant. Maggie sits down with her father to discuss allowing the group to stay. She quotes a Bible verse about loving others and tells him about the walker attack at the pharmacy. Meanwhile, Shane talks to Lori privately about her pregnancy. He tells her that the baby is his own and that he can protect Lori in a way that Rick cannot. Lori rebuffs Shane and tells him that he can never be the baby's father even if they had the same blood.

Hershel pulls Rick aside to asks him for a favor. With Jimmy following them, Rick and Hershel two walkers from a swamp and corral them to the farm. Hershel tells Rick that his people can stay if they obey his philosophy regarding walkers. Shane heads to the RV to find the group's gun stash, but he finds out that Dale had hidden them. It's not long before Shane finds Dale in the swamp with the guns. Dale threatens to kill Shane if approaches the guns. Shane challenges Dale's threat and retrieves the guns when Dale steps down. Shane gives the guns to the group and instructs them to head to the barn. Suddenly, Shane spots Rick and Hershel with a couple of live walkers. He rushes over to the barn and breaks all the locks. As the walkers come out, the group are forced to open fire on them. After a barrage of bullets, the group is surprised to see Sophia emerge from the barn as a walker. With resolve, Rick shoots Sophia.

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