I, Mudd
Star-trek tos-season2-8
Season 2, Episode 8
General Information
Series Star Trek
Air date November 3, 1967
Written by Stephen Kandel
Directed by Marc Daniels
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Catspaw Metamorphosis
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Plot Summary

Conman Harry Mudd is back and crowned himself the King of a planet full of androids who desperately want to serve humans. So desperate, that they've kidnapped Captain Kirk and his crew to do it!



Trivia & Quotes

  • James T. Kirk: All right, Harry, explain. How did you get here? We left you in custody after that affair on the Rigel mining planet.
  • Harry Mudd: Yes, well, I organized a technical information service bringing modern industrial techniques to backward planets, making available certain valuable patents to struggling young civilizations throughout the galaxy.
  • James T. Kirk: Did you pay royalties to the owners of those patents?
  • Harry Mudd: Well, actually, Kirk, as a defender of the free enterprise system, I found myself in a rather ambiguous conflict as a matter of principle.
  • Spock: He did not pay royalties.
  • Harry Mudd: Knowledge, sir, should be free to all!
  • James T. Kirk: Who caught you?
  • Harry Mudd: That, sir, is an outrageous assumption!
  • James T. Kirk: Yes. Who caught you?
  • Harry Mudd: I, uh... sold the Denebians all the rights to a Vulcan fuel synthesizer.
  • James T. Kirk: And the Denebians contacted the Vulcans.
  • Harry Mudd: How'd you know?
  • James T. Kirk: That's what I would have done.
  • Harry Mudd: Oh. It's a typical police mentality. They've got no sense of humour; they arrested me!
  • Leonard McCoy: Oh, I find that shocking.
  • Harry Mudd: Do you know what the penalty for fraud is on Deneb Five?
  • Spock: The guilty party has his choice. Death by electrocution, death by gas, death by phaser, death by hanging...
  • Harry Mudd: The key word in your entire peroration, Mr. Spock, was...death. Barbarians! Well, of course I... left.
  • James T. Kirk: He broke jail.
  • Harry Mudd: I, ah, borrowed transportation...
  • James T. Kirk: He stole a spaceship.
  • Harry Mudd: ...the patrol reacted in a hostile manner...
  • James T. Kirk: They fired at him!
  • Harry Mudd: They've got no respect for private property--they damaged the bloody spaceship! Well, I... I got away, but I couldn't navigate, so I wandered out through unmapped space. And here I found... Mudd!

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