2001 Maniacs
2001 Maniacs
Directed By Tim Sullivan
Written By Tim Sullivan, Chris Kobin
Cast Robert Englund, Lin Shaye, Christa Campbell, Brian Gross
Produced By Christopher Tuffin, Eli Roth, Scott Spiegel, Boaz Yakin, Brett W. Nemeroff
Film Editing By Michael Ross
Cinematography By Steve Adcock
Music By Nathan Barr

United States



Release Date

October 21, 2005


87 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Lions Gate Entertainment

Budget $1,500,000



  • Robert Englund as Mayor George W. Buckman
  • Lin Shaye as Granny Boone
  • Giuseppe Andrews as Harper Alexander
  • Jay Gillespie as Anderson Lee
  • Matthew Carey as Cory Jones
  • Peter Stormare as Professor Ackerman
  • Marla Malcolm as Joey
  • Gina Marie Heekin as Kat
  • Brian Gross as Ricky
  • Mushond Lee as Malcolm
  • Dylan Edrington as Nelson Elliot
  • Bianca Smith as Leah
  • Brendan McCarthy as Rufus
  • Adam Robitel as Lester
  • Christa Campbell as Milk Maiden
  • Wendy Kremer as Peaches
  • Cristin Michele as Glendora
  • Kodi Kitchen as Hester
  • Ryan Fleming as Hucklebilly Boone
  • Eli Roth as Justin




2001 Maniacs Trailer02:35

2001 Maniacs Trailer

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