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2010 1984
Directed By Peter Hyams
Written By Peter Hyams
Cast Roy Scheider, Helen Mirren, Bob Balaban, Keir Dullea
Produced By Peter Hyams
Film Editing By Mia Goldman, James Mitchell
Cinematography By Peter Hyams
Music By David Shire

United States



Release Date

December 7, 1984


115 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By


Budget $28,000,000
Gross $40,400,657


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  • Roy Scheider as Dr. Heywood R. Floyd
  • John Lithgow as Dr. Walter Curnow
  • Helen Mirren as Tanya Kirbuk
  • Bob Balaban as Dr. R. Chandra
  • Keir Dullea as Dave Bowman
  • Douglas Rain as HAL 9000 (voice)
  • Madolyn Smith as Caroline Floyd
  • Saveliy Kramarov as Dr. Vladimir Rudenko
  • Taliesin Jaffe as Christopher Floyd
  • James McEachin as Victor Milson
  • Mary Jo Deschanel as Betty Fernandez
  • Elya Baskin as Maxim Brajlovsky
  • Dana Elcar as Dimitri Moiseyevich
  • Oleg Rudnik as Dr. Vasili Orlov
  • Natasha Shneider as Irina Yakunina
  • Vladimir Skomarovsky as Yuri Svetlanov
  • Victor Steinbach as Nikolaj Ternovsky
  • Candice Bergen as SAL 9000 (voice)



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