Plot Summary

After the Governor's attack, the group hides in the prison because they are afraid of another attack. With the Governor on their heels, Rick is pressured by Hershel to clear his mind so he can lead them once more. In Woodbury, the Governor enlists soldiers as young as thirteen in preparation of the upcoming war between his group and Rick's. Horrified by the prospect of war and having learned of the recent attack, Andrea asks the Governor to allow her to negotiate a peace between Rick and the Governor. The Governor refuses to give her permission to her face, but he secretly allows Milton to help escape out of Woodbury. Milton and Andrea find Tyreese and his group while they prepare to head out to the prison. Milton agrees to bring them to Woodbury and Andrea heads out alone with a limbless and jawless walker.

When Andrea makes it to the prison, she is taken in by Rick as if she were an enemy. She tries to broker a peace between the two parties, but realizes her efforts are futile because the Governor is unwilling to negotiate. During her stay at the prison, Carol bonds with Andrea and tells her to kill the Governor in his sleep. Before Andrea leaves, she is given a car, gun, a knife. Back at Woodbury, Tyreese and his group are given shelter by the Governor. They then offer to give the layout of the prison to help in any way they can so they can earn their keep. In the middle of the night, Andrea wakes up beside the Governor, and thinks about killing him with a knife. In the end, she decides not to kill him.

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