Plot Summary

Rick and Carl make a run to their hometown to get guns and supplies. They take Michonne with them to assist them and to keep her away from Merle. When they get to the police station they find that all the guns and ammo have been taken. They continue looking for guns until they find a street full of booby traps and are confronted by a masked man. They have a firefight with the man and knock him out. Rick unmasks the man and is surprised to find Morgan, the man who took him after he woke up from the hospital. Rick takes Morgan to his hideout and bind him. Carl and Michonne then decide to go outside to find a crib for Judith. However, Carl also takes a detour to find a picture of his mother for his Judith.

He heads to the bar and with the help of Michonne, sneaks into it unseen by the walkers inside. Pretty soon, the walkers notice them and chase them out of the bar. Outside the bar, Michonne tells Carl to wait there while she sneaks in. While Carl distracts the walkers, Michonne grabs the picture. Meanwhile, Rick is attacked by Morgan after he breaks out of his bonds. After Morgan recognizes Rick, he tells Rick how his son had died. Rick tries to convince Morgan to come with him, but Morgan chooses to stay because he does not want to see anyone close to him die again. He then gives Rick some of his guns. As they pack, Carl tells his father that Michonnecan be trusted. Knowing that his son trusts Michonne, Rick lets his guard down and begins to trust Michonne by letting her drive.

Trivia & Quotes

Differences from the Source Material

  • Morgan kept his son as a walker instead of shooting him.
  • In the comics, Morgan did accept Rick's offer to join his group.

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