Plot Summary

Rick asks Merle to bring Michonne to the Governor in the hopes that the Governor would honor their deal. Merle lures Michonne into the tombs under the prison and kidnaps her. He then finds a car and they head toward Governor's location. As they drive, Michonne attempts to convince him to turn around. Eventually, Merle has a change of heart and leaves Michonne behind to face the Governor by himself. At the prison, Rick has is unable to bare the weight of Michonne's death and withdraws his decision to give up Michonne. He then sends Daryl to stop Merle from giving up Michonne. Elsewhere, Merle gathers up a horde of walkers and ambushes the Governor's party. The Governor soon grabs a hold of Merle and kills him. When Daryl finds his brother, he is saddened to see his brother as a walker and is forced to kill him.

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