File:The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2.jpg
Season 2, Episode 3.2
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 21 Oct 2012
Written by
Directed by
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Seed Walk With Me
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Plot Summary

After removing Hershel's leg, Rick takes the prisoners back to Cell Block C so they can leave Hershel in his cell. There, the prisoners demand that they should have the block because they were there longer. Rick compromises by offering to help them clear another block if they are willing stay there. As they go through the prison, one of the prisoners is scratched and the group discusses what to do with him. One of the other prisoners, named Tomas, brutally murders the infected prisoner. Finally, when they reach the designated cell block, Rick tells Tomas to open one of the doors to the block so they would not be overrun by the walkers, but Tomas disobeys. As they fight, Tomas pushes one of the walkers onto Rick. Soon after the fighting is done, Rick kills Tomas. Fearful for his life, the prisoner Andrew makes a run for it with Rick on his heels.

Andrew makes it to a courtyard full of walkers and Rick coldly locks the door, leaving him to die. When Rick returns to Daryl and the other prisoners, he decides to spare the other two after hearing their pleas and shows them their new cell block. Carl arrives back to Cell Block C with medical supplies he had sneaked from the infirmary. He is scolded by his mother and Beth, but his supplies are appreciated. Rick returns to Cell Block C in time to see that Hershel is recovering. Meanwhile, Glenn helps Carol find a pregnant walker so she can practice a C-section for when Lori's due for the baby.

Differences from the Source Material

Thomas is a crazed serial killer in the comics who kills two of Hershel's family members. After Thomas makes a failed attempt to kill Andrea, Maggie shoots him to get revenge for killing her family members.

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