Walk of Punishment
Season 3, Episode 3
General Information
Series Game of Thrones
Air date 14 Apr 2013
Written by
Directed by
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Dark Wings, Dark Words And now His Watch is Ended
Game of Thrones episodes

Tyrion gains new responsibilities; Jon is taken to the Fist of the First Men; Daenerys meets with the slavers; Jaime strikes a deal with his captors.

Plot Summary

Daenerys grapples with whatever to use slaves as soldiers or not. Finally, she decides to buy all the slaves from Astapor. Daenerys strikes a deal with the slave master to trade her biggest dragon for all the soldiers and a woman named Missandei. Beyond the Wall, Mance Ryder and Jon find the bodies of horses at the Fist of the First Man. Mancer Ryder concludes that Jeor Mormont and his men were attacked and that they are either dead or being pursued by white walkers. He then seizes upon this opportunity by ordering his men to attack the wall. Jeor and his men find refuge at Craster's Keep. There, Samwise bears witness to the birth of Gilly's baby. When Sam and Gilly see that the baby is a boy, they are horrified, knowing what Craster will do.

Elsewhere, Arya and Gendry part way with Hot Pie as they follow the Brotherhood Without Banners. At King's Landing Tyrion is appointed the position as the Master of Coin at a meeting of the small council. Meanwhile, one of Yara's spies free Theon from captivity. Theon rides off into the woods. His absence is soon found out and he is pursued by soldiers. Theon is quickly incapacitated and is about to be raped by the leader. He is saved by a stranger who kills all the men with a bow. In the Riverlands Brienne and Jaime are led to Locke's camp where the men try to gang rape Brienne. Jaime intervenes by telling them that Brienne is a noble woman and that her father will pay for her release. After he talks them out of raping Brienne, Jaime tries to smooth talk his way into being released. However, Locke is not persuaded and chops off Jaime's hand.

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