And now His Watch is Ended
Season 3, Episode 4
General Information
Series Game of Thrones
Air date 21 Apr 2013
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Directed by
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Walk of Punishment Kissed by Fire
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The Night’s Watch takes stock; Varys meets his better; Arya is taken to the commander of the Brotherhood; Daenerys makes an exchange.

Plot Summary

Varys has a secret meeting with Lady Olenna. There, he discusses his suspicions that Littlefinger may be trying to smuggle Sansa out of the city so he can marry her and gain control of the North Robb is losing the war and the other Stark siblings are presumed dead. In Craster's Keep, a tensions rise after a Night's Watch member is starves to death. Fed up with Crastor's immoral behavior and believing he has food hidden away, Karl, one of the Night's Watch murders Craster. Then Mormont is stabbed in the back by a Night's Watch named Rast. Confusion and mutiny then erupt as the other members of the Night's Watch begin fighting each other. Samwise, seeing the situation turn for the worse quickly grabs Gilly and her baby and makes for the woods.

Theon Greyjoy follows the boy who rescued him. As they travel, Theon confesses that he made a huge mistake. When they reach their final destination, he is shocked to find that he had been betrayed and that the boy had led him back to the torture chamber. In the Riverlands, Arya, Gendry and Gregor Clegane are taken to a cave called Hollow Hill, also known as the Brotherhood's hideout. They meet Ser Beric Dondarrion, the leader of the Brotherhood without banners. Beric accuses The Hound of various crimes that Gregor Clegane did not do. Arya speaks up about the butcher boy, Mycath, that The Hound killed. Gregor acknowledges the crime nonchalantly. Beric then decides to give Gregor a fair trial. Beric will face Gregor face himself in a trial by combat.

Daenerys brings her largest dragon for the trade at Slaver's Bay. In exchange for the dragon, Kraznys mo Nakloz, the head slave master, gives her command of 8,000 troops. When Daenerys hands the dragon over, she double crosses Kraznys by ordering the slave soldiers to attack their masters and to free the other slaves while sparing the children. Krazny is then killed by the dragon under Daenerys' orders. After the slaves are freed, Daenerys offers them a choice of joining her or leaving. All 8,000 soldiers decide to freely join Daenerys. With this Daenerys gains an army and fulfills her brother's dream of getting an army to reconquer the Seven Kingdoms.

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