Walk With Me
File:The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4.jpg
Season 3, Episode 3.4
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 4 Nov 2012
Written by
Directed by
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Plot Summary

Andrew, the prisoner who had escaped earlier, returns to the prison to exact his revenge. He lures the walkers into yard where Rick and his group are staying and turns on the power generator. Meanwhile, Rick and the gang prepare supplies so Oscar and Axel can leave the prison. Suddenly, they hear an alarm blaring from the speakers. Walkers start crawling from every nook and cranny. The survivors get seperated are forced protect themselves. In the attack, T-Dog is bitten by a walker as he tries to close a gate. Carol grabs him and they try to escape for their lives. However, they soon find that their paths blocked by approaching walkers. T-Dog, knowing that his fate has already been sealed by the bite, sacrifices himself by throwing himself against the walkers so Carol can escape.

Carl, Maggie and Lori find themselves in a hidden room after they give the walkers the slip. Lori feels a kick from the baby and decides that it is time to push. When she pushes, she notices blood coming out and knows that if she does not give birth at the moment, her baby will die. She asks Maggie to do a C-section at the cost of her life. Maggie and Carl hesitate at first, but they decide to go through with it. Using Carl's knife, they perform the surgery and find that the baby is healthy. Lori dies during the surgery and Maggie takes out her gun to put down Lori before she becomes a walker. Carl remembers his father telling him to be an adult and decides that he should shoulder the burden. A gunshot is heard and Carl heads out with a sober look.

In the generator room, Rick and the others are ambushed by Andrew. Rick loses his gun in the fray and Oscar pick it up. Andrew tells him to shoot Rick, but Oscar shoots Andrew instead. He returns the gun and they head back to the courtyard. There, they find Maggie holding the baby. Rick is overwhelmed by grief when he realizes that Lori did not make it. Back in Woodbury, Michonne and Andrea fight about whether stay in the town after Michonne finds bullet holes and blood on the trucks that the Governor had taken. Eventually Andrea agrees begrudingly that they should leave and head towards the coast.Before she leaves, The Governor offers her a place in the town in she ever decides to return and reveals his name as "Philip."

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