Kissed by Fire
Season 3, Episode 5
General Information
Series Game of Thrones
Air date 28 Apr 2013
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Directed by
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And now His Watch is Ended The Climb
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The Hound is judged by the gods; Jaime is judged; Jon proves himself; Robb is betrayed; Tyrion learns the cost of weddings.

Plot Summary

Beric and the Hound fight in a trial by combat to decide the Hound's guilt. After a brief exchange of blows, the Hound overpowers Beric and inflicts a fatal wound. Thoros comes to Beric's side. Through a prayer to the lord of light, he is able to bring Beric back from the brink of death. The Hound is then allowed to go free since he won the battle. In the wildlings' camp, Jon Snow tries to prevent the sacking of the wall by the wildlings, but his loyality is questioned because of it. However, Ygritte vouches for Jon again. After the situation passes, Ygritte brings Jon to a spring where the two have sex. In the Stark camp, Lord Karstark and his men break into the prison and kill the captive Lannister boys that Robb had been holding. Robb is furious by their treason and beheads Lord Karstark against his advisers' warning.

With their lord beheaded, Karstark's men withdraw their support for the war and leave. Robb is left with half of his army in a losing war. Looking at his map, he notices that all the Lannister men are moved to the East, leaving Castlerly Rock vulnerable. Robb realizes that he can win back momentum by capturing the castle, but he needs the help of House Frey, who had insulted by marrying Talisa and breaking his vow with the lord to marry his daughter. Elsewhere, Jaime and Brienne are led to Roose Bolton's castle where they are given hospitality and medical aid. In a bath, Jaime tells Brienne what had happened when he had killed the Mad King. He tells her he had killed the king and pyromancer because the Mad King had wanted to kill burn everyone including himself before he fell to rebel forces. Then he faints from exhaustion.

In King;s Landing, Tyrion has a meeting with Olenna Tyrell. Tyrion tries to persuade her to have a more modest wedding. However, she convinces him that a fancy wedding is needed. However, she does concede to pay for half the wedding. Soon after, Tyrion is called into a meeting with his father and sister. Tywin had learned of the Tywell's plot take over the north by wedding Sansa with Ser Loras. In order to stop their plot, he orders Tyrion to marry Sansa and Cersei to marry Loras.

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