Plot Summary

The Governor brushes the hair of his daughter who had turned into a walker. When he noticed that Michonne had been spying on him, he hides his daughter. Later, he brings the town together to celebrate the anniversary of the town and how far they had come. As he is giving his toast, Michonne breaks into his home to get her katana back. She finds her katana and also a journal with a list of names. The name "Penny" is underlined in the book. She then hears Milton asking the Governor to hold off the festival for his experiment, but the Governor denies his request. Michonne wanders until she finds a cage of walkers. She kills them, and is caught by one of the Governor's men. She is brought forth before the Governor and he scolds her for her actions. Then he asks her to help defend the city. Michonne refuses and storms out of the room.

The Governor has a word with Andrea and informs her of Michonne's actions and the presence of the captive walkers. When Andrea returns to her room, she find Michonne packing to leave Woodbury. The two head out to the front gate which opens for them.There Michonne offers Andrea an ultimatum of leaving with her or staying in the town. Andrea chooses to stay; the Governor consoles her for her lose and invites her to the celebration. At the event, Andrea fights a staged brawl with chained walkers biting at fighters. Seeing that Andrea is appaled by what she sees, the Governor explains that it is a way to allow the townsfolk to let out steam. Back at the prison, Rick finds the site where his wife died and the walker who ate her remains. He kills the walker and sits there for awhile. Then he hears a nearby phone ring and picks it up.