Plot Summary

Merle chases Michonne after she leaves the town. After a fight, Michonne kills all of Merle's campanions and escapes with a cut a walker's blood on her. She eventually finds Glenn and Maggie who looking for supplies and watches them from afar. Unfortunately Merle finds them as well and he takes Glenn and Maggie back to the town after he holds Maggie hostage. At the prison, Daryl and Carl begin searching the lower areas of the place. Daryl shares the story of how his mother died and Carl admits that he killed Lori. After they share condolences, they attacked by a walker. Dark kills the walker and finds Carol's knife stuck in it. Later, he heads back to a door in which he assumed had a walker behind it. He finds to his surprise that Carol had been hiding there.

In the town of Woodbury, Andrea tries to adjust to life in her new home by taking a job as a guard on the wall. However, she loses her job when she goes outside the wall to kill a walker with a knife. The Governor has a talk with her and they connect. They are interrupted when Merle comes back with news that he brought Glenn and Maggie to the town. In the prison, Rick gets a phone call from another survivor. He attempts to find their location, but the person hangs up when he refuses to disclose how his wife dies. Soon, Rick learns that there is no survivor on the other line. Instead, Rick was listening to voices of Lori and the other women who died. After reconciling with Lori's death by talking to Lori, Rick heads back to his people and holds his baby. Then he sees Michonne standing near the fence and realizes that she is not a walker.

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