Plot Summary

Merle takes Glenn to a basemen to torture him for the location of Rick's group. However, Glenn is resilient to all of Merle's and keeps his silence. The Governor steps in after Merle attempts to kill Glenn with a walker. He interrogates Maggie, but soon finds that she is as tough as Glenn. It is only after he threatens Glenn's life that she lets slip that the group is staying at a prison. Outside the prison fence, Rick and Carl rescue Michonne from a group of walkers. Inside the facility, they question where she came from and learn that Glenn and Maggie have been taken. Rick forms a rescue group and they heads to Woodbury with Michonne to save their companions. After a close encounter with a herd of walkers, the rescue team is able to reach the outer perimeter of Woodbury's walls.

Differences From the Source Material

Rick, Glenn and Michonne are the ones taken to Woodbury in the comics. Shortly upon meeting the Governor, Rick gets his hand chapped off by one of the Governor's men. In the comics, the Governor does go through with his threat to rape the prisoners by raping Michonne repeatedly after she bites his ear off.

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