Plot Summary

Rick and his group break into Woodbury under the cover of night. After searching through the houses, they are able to find Glenn and Maggie and save them from being executed. The group finds a house to hide in, but Michonne decides to part ways with the group. She heads to the Governor's apartment and waits for him there with sword in hand. She begins to hear a thumping sound in one of the rooms. There, she discovers The Governor's aquarium of heads and his undead daughter. Before she dispatches the undead girl, The Governor enters the room. A violent brawl ensues between Michonne and The Governor after she kills The Governor's daughter. Michonne stabs The Governor's eye with a piece of glass and stand to give the finishing blow. The Governor is saved when Andrea enters the room. Michonne flees because she bring herself to kill Andrea.

Inside the prison, Carl hears noises coming from below the prison. He finds a group of survivors when he goes to investigate it. After leading them to safety, he locks them in a cell until Rick returns. At Woodbury, the Rick and his team regroup and attempt to escape the town. They are caught in a firefight with the guards after Daryl uses a smoke grenade. In the crossfire, Oscar is killed and Daryl is captured while the group escapes. Rick and the others reunite with Michonne. After disarming her for leaving them, they head back to the prison. The Governor holds a town meeting where he accuses Merle of treason for letting Rick's group in. The Governor then turns the townsfolk against Merle when he brings out Daryl.

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