Second Sons
Season 3, Episode 8
General Information
Series Game of Thrones
Air date 19 May 2013
Written by
Directed by
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The Bear and the Maiden Fair The Rains of Castamere
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King’s Landing hosts a wedding, and Tyrion and Sansa spend the night together. Daenerys meets the Titan’s Bastard. Davos demands proof from Melisandre. Sam and Gilly meet an older gentleman.

Plot Summary

After capturing Arya, the Hound tells her that he is taking her to uncle's wedding so that he can be paid by Catelyn and Robb for returning Arya. Across the narrow sea, Daenerys learns that Yunkai's powerful friends are a group of hired swords called the Second Sons. Daenerys calls the three of the mercenary leaders so she can form an alliance with them. However, they turn down her offer because they would not get paid until she takes the Iron Throne. After leaving the meeting, the three leaders decide to assassinate Daenerys. Later, while Daenerys is in a bath, Daario, one of the mercenary leaders, appears before her. Instead of killing her, he offers the head of the other two leaders and the pledge of loyalty to Daenerys.Elsewhere, the Lady Melisandre takes Gendry to Dragonstone.

Gendry's presence makes Stannis nervous and he releases Davos as a result. After furnishing Gendry with new clothing, Melisandre decides to sleep with him. As they she makes love to him, she bounds him to the bed. She then puts leeches on Gendry. She takes those leeches and burns them to show Stannis the power of a king's blood. At King;s Landing, Tyrion is wedded to Sansa. During their reception dinner, Tyrion mistakenly threatens Joffrey after the king insists that they have a bedding ceremony. Tywin diffuses the situation by saying that Tyrion is more drunk than usual and by calling off the bedding ceremony. Afterward, Tyrion and Sansa are left in their room. Sansa nervously undresses, but Tyrion stops her. He tells her that he won't sleep with her unless she wants him to.

Samwell and Gilly find shelter next to a heart tree. As they hide from the cold in a small cabin, Sam notices that multitudes of crows have gathered on the tree. Then a white walker comes for the baby. Sam tries to defend the baby, but his attempts prove futile. It is when he uses the dagger he found on the Fist of the First Man that he is able to dispatch the white walker.

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