Plot Summary

Daryl and his brother are ordered by the Governor to fight to the death. Then two brother exchange blows between each other. Their fight is cut short when Rick and his group return with gas grenades. Daryl and Merle are plucked out of the Governor's reach and they escape Woodbury. After getting some distance away from the town, Daryl parts ways with group because Rick is unwilling to accept in his brother in the group. Rick and his group return to the prison to find out that Carl has imprisoned another group. Rick meets with Tyreese's group and tells them to leave. Hershel advises Rick to change his mind since they need all the hands they can get against the Governor. Rick begins to reconsider until he starts hallucinating that Lori is on the catwalk. Rick begins to scream and wave his gun at the vision while Tyreese's group make their way out.

At the gates of Woodbury, the townsfolk are anxious to leave the town after the invasion by Rick's group. Their fears are cemented when two people are attacked by walkers inside the town. As they watch one man struggle after being bitten, the Governor steps out of his seclusion to callously shoot the infected man. Then he leaves for his home without a word. Unable to leave because of the armed guards at the gate, the people protest in front of the Governor's home. A full riot is then stopped only by Andrea who rallies the people with the promise of self preservation and rebuilding.