3: The Dale Earnhardt Story
3 The Dale Earnhardt Story
Directed By Russell Mulcahy
Written By Robert Eisele
Cast Barry Pepper, Andrea Powell, Elizabeth Mitchell, Joe Chrest
Produced By Orly Adelson, Lynn Raynor
Music By Louis Febre

ESPN Original Entertainment


United States



Release Date

December 11, 2004


92 Minutes

Distributed By




  • Barry Pepper as Dale Earnhardt
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Teresa Earnhardt
  • Ernest Whitted as Pit Crowd
  • Andrea Powell as Martha Earnhardt
  • Sean Bridgers as Neil Bonnett
  • Joe Chrest as Jake Elder
  • Russell Cook as Press Conference VIP
  • Teresa Delgado as Kelly Earnhardt
  • Traci Dinwiddie as Connie
  • Tricia Dyar as Daisy
  • Corri English as Kelly Earnhardt
  • Michael Flippo as Wayne Robertson
  • Daniel Freeze as Dale Pit Crew
  • Frank Glidden as Kerry
  • Craig S. Harper as Kenny Schrader
  • Andy Hillenburg as Deke
  • Kenneth M. Johnston as Darrell Waltrip Pit Crew Member
  • Jim Keisler as GM Executive
  • James G. Martin Jr. as Dwayne
  • Chad McCumbee as Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Marshal McGee as Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Ron Prather as Richard Childress
  • Brandi Ryans as Brenda Gee
  • David Sherrill as H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler
  • Lori Beth Sikes as Latane Brown
  • J.K. Simmons as Ralph Earnhardt
  • Zachary Dylan Smith as Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Kevin Stillwell as Rod Osterland
  • Greg Thompson as Darrell Waltrip
  • Olivia Weston as Dale's Mistress
  • David Wilson as GM Executive



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