The Grove
The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14
Season 4, Episode 14
General Information
Series The Walking Dead
Air date 16 Mar 2014
Written by Scott M. Gimple
Directed by Michael E. Satrazemis
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Alone Us
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Carol, Tyreese, and the children find an abandoned home by the railroad tracks. Carol wants to make the house a new home since it proves to be viable. However, Lizzie's condition and Carol's secrets ruin that dream. Tyreese and Carol decide to proceed to Terminus after laying Lizzie and Mika to rest.

Plot Summary

Tyreese and the gang find a small home in the grove after venturing off the railroad tracks. While Carol and Tyreese checks out the house to eliminate any Walkers, Mika and Lizzie watch the baby. Mika tries to talk to Lizzie about the differences in killing Walkers and human beings. Lizzie does not agree with Mika. Suddenly, a Walker walks out of the door and trips behind Lizzie and Mika. Mika tries to shoot the Walker who is crawling towards Lizzie who is stunned.

Later that night, Tyreese and his group adjust themselves, and the group begins to look like a family. Carol warms up to the idea of living here instead of going to Terminus because they don't know if the others are going to that destination. The next day, Carol prepares some tea and spots Lizzie playing with a Walker. She storms outside and kills the Walker much to Lizzie's dismay. Lizzie is upset that Carol killed the Walker without understanding it. Lizzie argues that Walkers are still people.



  • Lizzie and Mika's storyline is based on a story arc in the comic book series with some differences. Lizzie and Mika's story arc mirror the story arc of the twin brothers, Ben and Billy, in the comic series.
  • The Grove refers to the place that Carol and Lizzie had found to stay.
  • Last appearance of Lizzie Samuels.
  • Last appearance of Mika Samuels.
  • The way Lizzie was willing to let herself get bitten by a walker so she can reanimate is similar to a moment in the comic series where Carol lets herself get bitten so she can become a walker.
  • The smoke coming from the burning building was likely the shack that Daryl and Beth had burned down in the episode "Still." This is supported by the fact that the walkers that appeared in this episode also appeared in the last episode.


Mika Samuels:I don't have to be tough, I can run. I'm good at that.
Tyreese: I trust you. And I don’t know if I can get that anywhere else.
Lizzie Samuels: Don’t worry. She’ll come back. I didn’t hurt her brain.
Carol Peletier: I killed Karen and David. I had to keep the illness from breaking out, I had to stop other people from dying. It wasn’t Lizzie. It wasn’t a stranger. Tyreese, it was me. You do what you have to do.
Carol Peletier: Just look at the flowers, Lizzie.
Tyreese: I forgive you. Never gonna forget.
Carol Peletier:What’s the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer nuts are around $1.79, and deer nuts are just under a buck.
Carol Peletier: "People came into the prison and killed our friends."
Mika Samuels: "Well I feel sorry for them."
Carol Peletier: "Why?"
Mika Samuels: "Because they probably weren’t like that before."
Tyreese: "The whole world is haunted now, and there’s no gettin’ out of that. Not until we’re dead."
Carol Peletier: "Maybe they’re not haunting us. Maybe they’re teaching us, reminding us we can live with doing what we have to do."
Tyreese: "Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are, Carol. You did right by those girls. You did right by everyone."

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