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Directed By Noel Clarke, Mark Davis
Written By Noel Clarke
Cast Emma Roberts, Adam Deacon, Ophelia Lovibond, Noel Clarke
Produced By Dean O'Toole, Noel Clarke, Damon Bryant
Film Editing By Mark Everson, Mark Davis
Cinematography By Franco Pezzino
Music By Adam Lewis

United Kingdom



Release Date

June 2, 2010


117 Minutes

Distributed By

Universal Studios



  • Ophelia Lovibond as Shannon
  • Emma Roberts as Joanne
  • Tamsin Egerton as Cassandra
  • Shanika Warren-Markland as Kerrys
  • Freddie Stroma as Cool Brett
  • Andrew Harwood Mills as Phil
  • Adam Deacon as Dillon
  • Bashy as Smoothy
  • Noel Clarke as Tee
  • Linzey Cocker as Gwen
  • Gregg Chillin as Manuel
  • Jacob Anderson as Angelo
  • Michelle Ryan as Kelly
  • Ben Miller as Mr Philips
  • Susannah Fielding as Jas
  • Kevin Smith as Big Larry
  • Eve as Latisha
  • Mandy Patinkin as Jago Larofsky
  • Plan B as Terry
  • Alex Yarde as Robbie
  • Alexander Siddig as Robert
  • Steven Cree as Scotty



Trailer - Official Teaser Trailer - ***SB02:06 - Official Teaser Trailer - ***SB.TV EXCLUSIVE***

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