While Rick and Carol are a supply run to find medicine, Rick confronts Carol about the murder of Karen and David. Meanwhile, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob arrive at the veterinary college to get supplies.

Plot Summary

Rick and Carol go on a run to find drugs to keep the fevers of the infected down. Raiding a house, they are quickly able to find some drugs. As they leave, they are found by two survivors named Ana and Sam. Carol who sees that Sam is injured, helps him with his dislodged arm. Afterward, Rick allows them to join their group after giving them the test. Sam and Ana are eager to help Rick and Carol when they learn that they now have a place to stay at the prison by scavenging for supplies. However, Rick is uncertain about letting them wander off to help them since Ana has a bad leg and Sam is still injured. But he reluctantly agrees to let them go and they plan to meet at the house two hours later. Things don't go according to plan when Rick finds walkers eating Ana's body sometime later. Still, Rick and Carol decide to wait at the house.

When Sam does not meet with them, they decide to move on. Rick chooses this time to confront Carol once more about her murder of Karen and David. He decides to leave her behind because he believes that the prison group will not accept her once they find out the truth about the murders. He gives her a car and some supplies and he drives back to the prison. Meanwhile, Daryl and his team make their way to the veterinary college after hot wiring a car. They find all the medicine they need, but alert a crowd of walkers to their location. They give the walkers the slip by getting to the roof. It is there that Bob almost to a group of walkers below. When Daryl discovers that the bag had alcohol in it instead of medicine, he becomes infuriated and warns Bob to not step out of line again. After the incident, they leave by car to the prison.

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