After being abandoned by Martinez and Shumpert, the Governor wanders aimlessly until he finds a little girl resembling his lost daughter along with her family. Can the Governor change his ways as he adopts Meghan's family?

Plot Summary

Continuing after the events of "Welcome to the Tombs," the Governor makes camp with his remaining two men, Martinez and Shumpert. The next day, The Governor finds that his last men have abandoned him. The Governor returns to his town of Woodbury to find that it has been abandoned. Without a ward, the Governor torches down the town he once protected. For the next few months, he survives on his own until he notices a little girl in the window of an apartment. The Governor goes up to the apartment and finds a family of four hiding out.Tara, one of the women is suspicious of the Governor, but she allows him to stay one night. During his stay, the Governor gains the family's trust by risking his life to get David, Tara's father, a couple oxygen tanks. Meghan, the daughter of Tara's sister Lilly, becomes especially close with the Governor.

Being with her, The Governor's spirit begins to recover. One day, David passes away and comes back as a walker. Tara is almost bitten by her father, but she is saved by the Governor who bashes David with an oxygen tank. After burying David, the Governor burns his photo of his family and decides to move on. Lilly stops him and insists that he take her family with him. Together with Lilly, Megham and Tara, they head to the road by truck. As they travel, the Governor develops a romance with Lilly and a fatherly bond with Megham. Soon after, the truck runs out of gas and they are forced to walk. Tara sprains her ankle right before they see a group of walkers. The family flees the walkers by heading into the forest, but get lost in the process. While fleeing the walkers, Megham and the Governor fall into a pit where a couple walkers are lying around. After defending Megham against the walkers, the Governor declares that he will protect her. Suddenly, Martinez appears with a surprised face.

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