As Rick deals with old wounds, members of the prison have to come to terms with their new environment and ask themselves if survival alone is enough.

Plot Summary

After the events of the prison attack, Rick and Carl find food in another house. When confronted by a weakened walker, Rick attempts to kill it with an ax. However, he is too weakened to kill it outright. Impatient with his weakened father, Carl shoots the walker. Rick berets him for wasting ammo. They move onto another house where they take shelter there. While securing the place, Carl has a fight with Rick after he brings up Shane. After the place is secured, Rick falls into a deep sleep due to his injuries. Carl tries to wake Rick up, but his father remains motionless. Two walkers hear Carl's screaming and start pounding on the door. Carl lures them away to kill them away from the house. His plan goes smoothly until a third walker appear. After narrowly avoiding death by killing them, Carl returns to his father. There, he blames him for not being able to protect the other members of the group, especially his mother. Before leaving him again, he tells him that he can take care of himself now. Carl leaves the house to search for food in another house. In one house, he finds food and a lone walker. Carl struggles for his life with the walker before he locks it in the room. Then he eats a galleon of pudding before coming back to the house.

Carl finds his dad waking. Fearing that Rick might have turned, Rick he takes out his gun, but finds that he cannot shoot his own father. Luckily, Rick is still alive. Carl tells Rick what he died while Rick was asleep. Rick scolds Carl for risking his life, but is thankful for food. He then apologizes for failing to protect those he loved. Carl tells him he does not need to apologize. At prison, Michonne makes two walkers repellents moments after the prison is swarmed with walkers. During the night, she dreams of her boyfriend and his friend. The dream does not last long and she is awoken to the bleak reality of her life. Traveling with the herd, she sees Rick and Carl's footprints but ignores them. Soon, Michonne begins to contemplate her mortality after seeing a walker similar in appearance to her. She kills the group of walkers and follows the Rick and Carl's footprints to a house that had visited earlier. She then breaks down emotionally after reading a note asking visitors to kill the walker. Eventually Michonne finds Rick and Carl. She knows on the door. Looking through the door hole, Rick is excited when he sees her.

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