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72 Tenants of Prosperity
72 Tenants of Prosperity
Directed By Patrick Kong, Eric Tsang
Written By Wong Yeung Tat, Patrick Kong
Cast Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang, Anita Yuen, Linda Chung
Produced By Eric Tsang
Film Editing By Wenders Li
Cinematography By Tony Cheung
Music By Eric Tsang

Television Broadcasts Limited, Shaw Brothers Studio, United Filmmakers Organization, Sil-Metropole Organisation, Sun Wah Media Group


Hong Kong



Release Date

February 11, 2010


99 Minutes

Distributed By

Intercontinental Film Distributors



  • Jacky Cheung as Shek Kin
  • Eric Tsang as Ha Kung
  • Anita Yuen as Pinky
  • Bosco Wong as Ha Chai
  • Stephy Tang as Kin Nui
  • Cho-lam Wong as Kin Chai
  • Ka-Yan Chung as Ha Nui
  • Aimee Chan as Survey Girl
  • Sunny Chan as Tailor
  • Fala Chen as Xiu Tou Hung
  • Kelly Chen as Singer



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