8½ Women
8½ Women
Directed By Peter Greenaway
Written By Peter Greenaway
Cast John Standing, Vivian Wu, Matthew Delamere
Produced By Kees Kasander
Film Editing By Elmer Leupen
Cinematography By Reinier van Brummelen, Sacha Vierny
Music By Frank Loesser, Giuseppe Verdi

Movie Masters


United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany


English, Italian, Japanese, Latin

Release Date

December 10, 1999


118 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Lions Gate Films



  • John Standing as Philip Emmenthal
  • Matthew Delamere as Storey Emmenthal
  • Vivian Wu as Kita
  • Shizuka Inoh as Simato
  • Barbara Sarafian as Clothilde
  • Kirina Mano as Mio
  • Toni Collette as Griselda
  • Amanda Plummer as Beryl
  • Natacha Amal as Giaconda the Baby Factory
  • Manna Fujiwara as Giulietta
  • Polly Walker as Palmira
  • Elizabeth Berrington as Celeste
  • Myriam Muller as Marianne
  • Don Warrington as Simon
  • Claire Johnston as Amelia



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