88 Minutes
88 Minutes
Directed By Jon Avnet
Written By Gary Scott Thompson
Cast Al Pacino, Leelee Sobieski, William Forsythe, Alicia Witt
Produced By Michael P. Flannigan, Jon Avnet, Randall Emmett, Gary Scott Thompson
Executive Producer Avi Lerner, George Furla
Film Editing By Peter Berger
Cinematography By Denis Lenoir
Music By Edward Shearmur

Family Room Entertainment, Emmett/Furla Films, Millennium Films, Equity Pictures


United States



Release Date

March 2, 2007 (Israel), April 18, 2008 (United States)


111 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

TriStar Pictures, Warner Bros.

Budget $30,000,000
Gross $32,593,385



  • Al Pacino as Dr. Jack Gramm
  • Alicia Witt as Kim Cummings
  • Leelee Sobieski as Lauren Douglas
  • Amy Brenneman as Shelly Barnes
  • William Forsythe as Special Agent Frank Parks
  • Deborah Kara Unger as Carol Johnson
  • Ben McKenzie as Mike Stempt
  • Neal McDonough as Jon Forster
  • Leah Cairns as Sara Pollard
  • Stephen Moyer as Guy LaForge
  • Christopher Redman as Jeremy Guber
  • Brendan Fletcher as Johnny d'Franco
  • Michael Eklund as J.T. Rycker
  • Carrie Genzel as Stephanie Parkman
  • Kristina Copeland as Dale Morris
  • Tammy Hui as Janie Cates
  • Vicky Huang as Joanie Cates
  • Victoria Tennant II as Kate
  • Michal Yannai as Leeza Pearson
  • Paul Campbell as Albert Jackson
  • Brenda McDonald as Mrs. Lowinsky
  • Carrie Genzel as Stephanie Parkman
  • Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Matt Wilner
  • Heather Dawn as Heather
  • Julian Christopher as Mactire
  • Tim Henry as Sean McBain



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