First Born
Season 9, Episode 11
General Information
Series Supernatural
Air date 21 Jan 2014
Written by Rob Thompson
Directed by John Badham
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Road Trip Sharp Teeth
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While Dean and Crowley search for the First Blade, Sam and Castiel find out that Sam has Gadreel's Angelic Grace in him.

Plot Summary

Long ago, a group of Demonic soldiers get ready to confront the enemy while protecting their knight. A man kills all the soldiers in a blinding red light. At a bar and at present time, Crowley chats with Dean about the First Blade that could kill Abaddon and suggests to Dean to check his father's journal about the First Blade. When Crowley asks Dean about the numbers scribbled in the book, Dean refuses to answer. The two leave for John Winchester's storage. Back at the

Wincheste home base, Sam finds Castiel eating PB and J sandwiches but missing the sweet taste of it. As Castiel tries to heal Sam, he notices an angelic presence in Sam. Over at the warehouse, Dean reads his father's journal and finds out his protege's name, Tara. The demon that John and Tara exorcised had mentioned the First Blade. Meanwhile, Castiel finds out that Sam has a bit of Angelic Grace inside him, and he explains that the Grace diminishes every time Castiel heals Sam. Castiel report that Men of Letters had a device for extracting the Angelic Grace that could be used to track an Angel. In Tara's shop, Dean and Crowley meet with Tara who thinks Dean and Crowley are demons. After tossing Holy Water at Dean, Dean tells Tara that he is looking for the First Blade to take out the knight of hell. Tara explains that she had searched all over the world only to find a location spell for a blade. She states that she is missing an ingredient, essence of Kraken. Crowley asks Tara to break the trap, so he can retrieve the ingredient. Once Crowley is gone, Tara comments only if John were to see Dean now, looking down at him for working with a Demon.

Using the location spell, the spell burns off the map except for Missouri. Arriving in Missouri, Crowley spots Cain and urges Dean to leave. Though, it's too late when Cain confronts the two. After Cain gives his guest some tea, Cain interrogates Crowley and Dean. With Crowley's mouth zipped, Dean explains that he needs the First Blade to kill Abaddon and that he found him using a location spell. Meanwhile in Tara's shop, a Demon shows up, asking Tara about his friends. With her right leg hurting, Tara grabs a shotgun and fires at the demon. In Cain's home, Cain explains that he killed the knights of hell and that he was the one who created them. In the Men of Letter's homebase, Sam urges Castiel to extract the Angelic Grace at the cost of his life. At the same time, Dean and Crowley break in Cain's home to find the First Blade.

Once the demons arrive at Cain's place, Cain opens the house and watches Dean fight the demons as Cain drinks his beer. Over at the Men of Letter's base, Castiel stops the operation and heal Sam. He states that this is not worth his life. Cain explains that he retired after Abaddon had killed Colette. Then, he leaves Dean and Crowley to visit Colette's grave. Cain reappears and gives Dean, the mark, in exchange that Dean kills Cain after fulfilling his mission. Cain states that the blade is in the deepest ocean and teleport Crowley and Dean outside as he finishes off the pack of demons himself. In the lab, Castiel and Sam conduct the locator spell, but it didn't work due to the lack of grace. By the dock, Dean notes that Crowley had planned this out since he could have easily sense that demon from the bar.


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