Mother's Little Helper
Season 9, Episode 17
General Information
Series Supernatural
Air date 25 Mar 2014
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Directed by
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Blade Runners Meta Fiction
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With the help of Crowley, Sam and Dean track down a survivor from the Men of Letter Massacre who has the First Blade.

Plot Summary

Sam informs Dean about a case where a first grade teacher beats her husband to death. Dean tells Sam that he would be too busy tracking down Abbadon. In town, Sam speaks with the sheriff to get any strange details. When the two enter the cell, they find the woman death, committed suicide by hanging herself. In a diner, Sam stops a young man from killing a bar waitress. The next day, Sam finds out more similar cases of individuals who were normal folks now impulsive and violent. Sam calls Dean for help with the case, and he thinks someone is stealing souls as he recalls how he acted back then.

At the bar, Crowley remarks to Dean that he lies to Sam like how Sam is like his wife. At the sheriff's office, Sam spots an old woman telling it's the work of demons. After interviewing Julia, Sam learns that Abbadon had possessed Henry's female friend, Josie, and the name of the covenant church. The same church was used in 1953 is now being used when Sam realizes the name matches the van's name in the surveillance photo. Sam heads inside the church and finds souls in jars. After taking down one of the demons, Agnes, the nun back in 1953, knocks Sam down. While choking Sam, Agnes informs Sam that Abbadon is taking souls and making them in her loyal demon army. Sam tosses his cell phone that has a recording of the exorcism spell. Agnes struggles but manages to turn it off, but she gets killed by Sam. Sam frees the souls.

Arriving home, Sam informs Dean about Abbadon's plans and takes a stack of paper to help Dean track down Abbadon.

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