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About Cherry
About Cherry
There's no such thing as going too far.
Directed By Stephen Elliott
Written By Stephen Elliott, Lorelei Lee
Cast Ashley Hinshaw, Dev Patel, James Franco, Lili Taylor
Produced By Gordon Bijelonic, Elizabeth Destro, Chris Kientz, Jordan Kessler
Cinematography By Darren Genet
Music By Jeff Russo

United States



Release Date

September 21, 2012


102 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

IFC Films



  • Ashley Hinshaw as Cherry
  • James Franco as Francis
  • Dev Patel as Andrew
  • Heather Graham as Margaret
  • Lili Taylor as Phyllis
  • Diane Farr as Jillian
  • Megan Boone as Jake
  • Vincent Palo as Paco
  • Jonny Weston as Bobby
  • Ernest Waddell as Vaughn
  • Sensi Pearl as Vikki
  • Maya Raines as Jojo



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