General Information

Gender Female
Race Human
TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess
Film Unknown
Credit Claire Stansfield


Alti is a recurring character in the TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess. A great enemy of Xena and a powerful, evil shamaness.


Alti promised Xena great power and that she would become Destroyer of Nations. This came to be but Alti ultimately wanted power for herself at the expense of her alliance with Xena. Alti's desire for power would stop at nothing including, but not limited to, endangering the life of Xena's unborn baby, Eve.

Major Plots

Personality and Traits



  • Your friend you told me about, Lao Ma, her powers come from denial, from self-sacrifice, from the Light. That's not for people like you and me. I want to tap into the heart of darkness, the sheer naked will behind all cravings, hatred and violence. I will become the face of death destroying not only a person's body, but their soul. Help me and I'll make you Destroyer of Nations.

Appearances in Xena: Warrior Princess

4.1 Adventures in the Sin Trade: Part 1
4.2 Adventures in the Sin Trade: Part 2
4.15 Between the Lines

5.5 Them Bones, Them Bones

6.16 Send in the Clones
6.18 When Fates Collide

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