The Amazing Colossal Man
The Amazing Colossal Man
Directed By Bert I. Gordon
Written By Bert I. Gordon, Mark Hanna, George Worthing Yates
Cast Glenn Langan, Cathy Downs, William Hudson, Larry Thor
Produced By Bert I. Gordon, Samuel Z. Arkoff, James H. Nicholson
Cinematography By Joseph F. Biroc
Music By Albert Glasser

United States



Release Date

October 25, 1957


80 Minutes

Distributed By

American International Pictures



  • Glenn Langan as Lt. Col. Glenn Manning
  • Cathy Downs as Carol Forrest
  • William Hudson as Dr. Paul Linstrom
  • Larry Thor as Maj. Eric Coulter
  • James Seay as Col. Hallock
  • Russ Bender as Richard Kingman
  • Hank Patterson as Henry
  • June Jocelyn as Nurse Wilson
  • Stanley Lachman as Lt. Cline
  • Jean Moorhead as Woman in Bathtub
  • Scott Peters as Sgt. Lee Carter
  • Myron Cook as Capt. Thomas
  • Bill Cassady as Lt. Peterson
  • Dick Nelson as Sgt. Hansen
  • Edmund Cobb as Dr. McDermott
  • Lyn Osborn as Sgt. Taylor
  • Judd Holdren as Robert Allen



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