An American Rhapsody
An American Rhapsody
Directed By Eva Gardos
Written By Eva Gardos
Screenplay By Eva Gardos
Cast Nastassja Kinski, Scarlett Johansson, Tony Goldwyn
Produced By Bonnie Timmermann, Colleen Camp
Film Editing By Margaret Goodspeed
Cinematography By Elemer Ragalyi
Music By Cliff Eidelman

Fireworks Entertainment, Seven Arts Pictures


United States, Hungary


English, Hungarian

Release Date

August 24, 2001


106 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Paramount Classics



  • Nastassja Kinski as Margit Sandor
  • Scarlett Johansson as Suzanne Sandor (age 15)
  • Kelly Endresz Banlaki as Suzanne (age 5–6)
  • Raffaella Bansagi as Suzanne (infant)
  • Tony Goldwyn as Peter Sandor
  • Mae Whitman as Maria Sandor (age 10)
  • Larisa Oleynik as Maria Sandor (age 18)
  • Agnes Banfalvy as Helen
  • Zoltan Seress as George
  • Zsuzsa Czinkoczi as Teri
  • Balazs Galko as Jeno
  • Lisa Jane Persky as Patti
  • Colleen Camp as Dottie
  • Emmy Rossum as Sheila (age 15)
  • Eva Soreny as Eva
  • Kata Dobo as Claire
  • Jacqueline Steiger as Betty



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