American Strays
American Strays
Directed By Michael Covert
Written By Michael Covert
Cast Jennifer Tilly, Luke Perry, Eric Roberts, Brion James
Produced By Frank Agrama, Trudi Callon, Rod Dean, Kirk Hassig, Doug Textor
Music By John R. Graham

Canned Pictures Inc., Harmony Gold


United States



Release Date

September 13, 1996


97 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Alliance Releasing Home Video, A-Pix Entertainment, Ardustry Home Entertainment, Unapix Entertainment Productions



  • Scott Plank as Sonny
  • Melora Walters as Cindy
  • John Savage as Dwayne
  • Brion James as Oris
  • Joe Viterelli as Gene
  • James Russo as Eddie
  • Luke Perry as Johnny
  • Will Rothhaar as Jordan
  • Jessica Lerelman as Daphne
  • Toni Kalem as Alice
  • Eric Roberts as Martin
  • Vonte Sweet as Mondo
  • Anthony Lee as Omar
  • Stephanie Cushna as Johnny's Girlfriend
  • Sam J. Jones as Exterminator
  • Stace Williamson as Johnny's Brother
  • Carol Kane as Helen
  • Luana Anders as Martha
  • Jack Kehler as Walker
  • Robert Fields as Harry
  • Charles Bailey-Gates as Bobby
  • Thomas Elliott as Timmy
  • Jennifer Tilly as Patty Mae
  • Michael Horse as Lead Cop
  • Leland Crooke as Cop #2
  • Michael Kaliski as Cop #3
  • Patrick Warburton as Rookie Cop



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