Android Cop
Android Cop
Directed By Mark Atkins
Screenplay By Mark Atkins
Cast Michael Jai White, Charles S. Dutton, Kadeem Hardison
Produced By David Rimawi, Paul Bales, David Michael Latt
Film Editing By William Boodell, Mark Atkins
Music By Chris Ridenhour

The Asylum


United States



Release Date

February 4, 2014


90 Minutes

Distributed By

The Asylum



  • Michael Jai White as Hammond
  • Kadeem Hardison as Sgt. Jones
  • Randy Wayne as Android Cop
  • Charles S. Dutton as Mayor Jacobs
  • Larissa Vereza as Helen Jacobs
  • Gerald Webb as George Jones
  • Duane Avery as Newald Mason
  • Morgan Benoit as Ratchet
  • Deena Trudy as Officer Jackson
  • Jay Brothers as Porter
  • Kay D'Arcy as Trickshot Granny
  • Jay Gillespie as Reynolds
  • William Guirola as Snake
  • Danny Ledsinger as Six Eyes
  • Greyson Lewis as Dexts Muldoon
  • Kaiwi Lyman as Wescott
  • Ian Roberts as Hawk Eye
  • Marcus Shirock as One Eye
  • Theresa June-Tao as Officer Nichols
  • Steve Tom as Chief Thompson
  • Pernille Trojgaard as Sarah Murphy
  • Delpaneaux Wills as Officer Williams
  • Kelly Gremli as Daughter in Family
  • Adrienne McQueen as Android Jane




ANDROID COP Trailer 01 201302:39

ANDROID COP Trailer 01 2013

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