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Annie 1982
Directed By John Huston
Screenplay By Carol Sobieski
Cast Albert Finney, Aileen Quinn, Carol Burnett, Tim Curry
Produced By Ray Stark
Film Editing By Michael A. Stevenson
Cinematography By Richard Moore
Music By Charles Strouse, Ralph Burns



United States



Release Date

June 18, 1982


128 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Columbia Pictures

Budget $50,000,000
Gross $57,059,003



  • Aileen Quinn as Annie
  • Albert Finney as Oliver Warbucks
  • Carol Burnett as Miss Agatha Hannigan
  • Tim Curry as Daniel "Rooster" Hannigan
  • Bernadette Peters as Lily St. Regis
  • Ann Reinking as Grace Farrell
  • Edward Herrmann as Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Geoffrey Holder as Punjab
  • Roger Minami as The Asp
  • Lois de Banzie as Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Peter Marshall as Bert Healy
  • Irving Metzman as Mr. Bundles
  • I.M. Hobson as Drake
  • Colleen Zenk Pinter as Cecile
  • Mavis Ray as Mrs. Greer
  • Pamela Blair as Annette
  • Lu Leonard as Mrs. Pugh
  • Victor Griffin as Saunders
  • Jerome Collamore as Frick
  • Jon Richards as Frack
  • Toni Ann Gisondi as Molly
  • Rosanne Sorrentino as Pepper
  • Lara Berk as Tessie
  • April Lerman as Kate
  • Robin Ignico as Duffy
  • Lucie Stewart as July



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