Apocalypse Now
Apocalypse Now
The horror...the horror.
Directed By Francis Ford Coppola
Written By Francis Ford Coppola, John Milius, Michael Herr
Cast Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, Dennis Hopper
Produced By Francis Ford Coppola
Film Editing By Gerald B. Greenberg, Richard Marks, Walter Murch, Lisa Fruchtman
Cinematography By Vittorio Storaro
Music By Francis Ford Coppola, Carmine Coppola

Zoetrope Studios


United States



Release Date

August 15, 1979


153 Minutes (Theatrical),

        202 Minutes (Redux)
Rating R
Distributed By

United Artists

Budget $31,500,000
Gross $150,000,000
Based on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad


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  • Martin Sheen as Captain Benjamin L. Willard
  • Marlon Brando as Colonel Walter E. Kurtz
  • Robert Duvall as Lieutenant Colonel William "Bill" Kilgore
  • Frederic Forrest as Engineman 3rd Class Jay "Chef" Hicks
  • Albert Hall as Chief Quartermaster George Phillips
  • Sam Bottoms as Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Lance B. Johnson
  • Laurence Fishburne as Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Tyrone "Mr. Clean" Miller
  • G.D. Spradlin as Lieutenant General Corman
  • Harrison Ford as Colonel G. Lucas
  • Scott Glenn as Captain Richard M. Colby
  • Cynthia Wood as Playmate of the Year
  • Linda (Beatty) Carpenter as Miss August
  • Colleen Camp as Miss May




Apocalypse Now (1979) Official Trailer - Michael Sheen, Robert Duvall Drama Movie HD03:58

Apocalypse Now (1979) Official Trailer - Michael Sheen, Robert Duvall Drama Movie HD

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