Avenging Angel
Avenging Angel
Directed By Robert Vincent O'Neill
Written By Robert Vincent O'Neill, Joseph Michael Cala
Cast Betsy Russell, Ossie Davis, Susan Tyrrell, Barry Pearl
Produced By Sandy Howard
Film Editing By John R. Bowey
Cinematography By Peter Lyons Collister
Music By Christopher Young

New World Pictures


United States



Release Date

January 11, 1985


93 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

New World Pictures, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Image Entertainment



  • Betsy Russell as Molly "Angel" Stewart
  • Rory Calhoun as Kit Carson
  • Susan Tyrrell as Solly Mosler
  • Ossie Davis as Captain Harry Moradian
  • Robert F. Lyons as Lt. Hugh Andrews
  • Steven M. Porter as Yo-Yo Charlie
  • Paul Lambert as Arthur Gerrard
  • Barry Pearl as Johnny Glitter
  • Estee Chandler as Cindy
  • Tim Rossovich as Teddy Butts
  • Frank Doubleday as Miles Gerrard
  • Ross Hagen as Ray Mitchell
  • Paul 'Mousie' Garner as Joe Borenstein
  • Hoke Howell as 7 Finger Sid
  • Deborah Voorhees as Roxie
  • Lynda Wiesmeier as Debbie
  • Jeanne Lucas as Shopping Cart Sally
  • Karin Mani as Janie Soon Lee
  • Leroy Daniels as Bootblack
  • Carl Bressler as Professor Garfield
  • Jessica O'Neil as Little Buck



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