Bad Girls from Valley High
Bad Girls from Valley High
Directed By John T. Kretchmer
Written By Robert LoCash
Cast Julie Benz, Nicole Bilderback, Monica Keena, Janet Leigh
Produced By Bill Sheinberg, Sid Sheinberg, Jonathan Sheinberg
Executive Producer Gerard Bocaccio
Film Editing By Ross Albert
Cinematography By Suki Medencevic
Music By Shawn K. Clement, Sean Murray


Release Date

March 22, 2005


84 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Universal Home Entertainment



  • Julie Benz as Danielle
  • Nicole Bilderback as Tiffany
  • Monica Keena as Brooke
  • Chris D'Elia as Gavin
  • Jonathan Brandis as Drew
  • Suzanna Urszuly as Katarina
  • Aaron Paul as Jonathan Wharton
  • Christopher Lloyd as Mr. Chauncey
  • Janet Leigh as Mrs. Witt
  • Tanja Reichert as Charity Chase
  • Patricia Idlette as Woman In Dressing Room
  • Bobby Jo Moore as Girl in Towel
  • Dolores Drake as Nurse Chambers
  • Maria Luisa Cianni as Nicole



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