Bad Lieutenant
Bad Lieutenant
Directed By Abel Ferrara
Written By Zoe Lund, Paul Calderon, Abel Ferrara
Cast Harvey Keitel, Victor Argo, Bianca Hunter, Zoe Lund
Produced By Edward R. Pressman
Film Editing By Anthony Redman
Cinematography By Ken Kelsch
Music By Joe Delia

United States


English, Spanish

Release Date

November 20, 1992


96 Minutes

Rating NC-17
Distributed By

Lions Gate Films, Aries Films

Budget $1,000,000
Gross $2,019,469



  • Harvey Keitel as The Lieutenant
  • Victor Argo as Beat Cop
  • Paul Calderon as Cop #1
  • Eddie Daniels as Jersey Girl
  • Bianca Hunter as Jersey Girl
  • Zoe Lund as Zoe
  • Vincent Laresca as J.C.
  • Frankie Thorn as The Nun
  • Fernando Velez as Julio
  • Joseph Micheal Cruz as Paulo
  • Paul Hipp as Jesus
  • Frank Adonis as Large
  • Anthony Ruggiero as Lite
  • Victoria Bastel as Bowtay
  • Leonard Thomas as Cop #2
  • Peggy Gormley as Lieutenant's Wife
  • Stella Keitel as Lieutenant's Daughter
  • Brian McElroy as Lieutenant's Son
  • Frankie Acciato as Lieutenant's Son



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