Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher
Directed By Jake Kasdan
Written By Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupnitsky
Cast Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Lucy Punch, Justin Timberlake
Produced By Jimmy Miller, David Householter
Film Editing By Tara Timpone
Cinematography By Alar Kivilo
Music By Michael Andrews

Radar Pictures, Mosaic Media Group


United States



Release Date

June 24, 2011


92 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Columbia Pictures

Budget $20,000,000
Gross $216,197,492


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  • Cameron Diaz as Elizabeth Halsey
  • Lucy Punch as Amy Squirrel
  • Jason Segel as Russell Gettis
  • Justin Timberlake as Scott Delacorte
  • Phyllis Smith as Lynn Davies
  • John Michael Higgins as Wally Snur
  • Dave Allen as Sandy Pinkus
  • Molly Shannon as Melody Tiara
  • Eric Stonestreet as Kirk
  • Thomas Lennon as Carl Halabi
  • Nat Faxon as Mark
  • Kaitlyn Dever as Sasha Abernathy
  • Matthew J. Evans as Garrett Tiara
  • Noah Munck as Tristan Munck
  • Kathryn Newton as Chase Rubin-Rossi



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