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Basic Instinct 2
Basic Instinct 2
Directed By Michael Caton-Jones
Written By Leora Barish, Henry Bean
Cast Sharon Stone, David Thewlis, Charlotte Rampling
Produced By Joel B. Michaels, Andrew G. Vajna, Mario Kassar
Film Editing By Istvan Kiraly, John Scott
Cinematography By Gyula Pados
Music By Jerry Goldsmith, John Murphy

Intermedia, MGM, C2


Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, United States



Release Date

March 31, 2006


114 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Constantin Film, MGM

Budget $70,000,000
Gross $38,629,478



  • Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell
  • David Morrissey as Dr. Michael Glass
  • Flora Montgomery as Michelle Broadwin
  • Charlotte Rampling as Dr. Milena Gardosh
  • David Thewlis as Roy Washburn
  • Heathcote Williams as Dr. Jakob Gerst
  • Hugh Dancy as Adam Towers
  • Indira Varma as Denise Glass
  • Anne Caillon as Laney Ward
  • Iain Robertson as Peter Ristedes
  • Stan Collymore as Kevin Franks
  • Kata Dobo as Magda
  • Jan Chappell as Angela



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