Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero
Batman & Mr. Freeze SubZero
Directed By Boyd Kirkland
Written By Boyd Kirkland, Randy Rogel
Cast Kevin Conroy, Loren Lester, Michael Ansara, Mari Devon
Produced By Benjamin Melniker, Randy Rogel, Boyd Kirkland, Michael Uslan
Film Editing By Al Breitenbach
Music By Michael McCuistion

Warner Bros. Animation


United States



Release Date

March 17, 1998


67 Minutes

Budget Warner Home Video


Following his last encounter with the Batman, the icy cold villain Mr. Freeze has managed to make a sort of peace with the world, living in near total isolation in the Arctic Circle with his beloved cryogenetically preserved wife Nora at his side.

But when a submarine carelessly destroys his lair, Mr. Freeze must return to the world that he has left behind to save Nora's life due to her damaged cryogenetic chamber. Ironically, her only chance lies in the financially and morally bankrupt Dr. Gregory Belson of Gotham City. Belson greedily agrees to assist and decides that the solution to Nora's condition can be cured via a complex organ transplant.

But due to Nora's rare blood type, there are no organs readily available ... so Freeze decides that he will simply have to harvest them from someone with that specific blood type; willingly or not! But Belson and Freeze inadvertently have chosen the wrong organ donor. Their choice just happens to be the daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon, Barbara who also is secretly the darling crimefighter known as Batgirl!

Kidnapping her for the surgical extraction, Freeze unwittingly attracts the attention of her crimefighting compatriots, Batman and Robin! With the Dynamic Duo in hot pursuit to save their female comrade, the icy cold villain is in a race against time to save his beloved wife as well, no matter the cost.



Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero was produced by Warner Bros. Animation, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment as a direct-to-video animated movie. It was produced by Boyd Kirkland, Randy Rogel, Benjamin Melniker, and Michael Uslan and was also directed by Boyd Kirkland. This movie was intended to be released in 1997 in order to capitalize on the live action Batman & Robin movie in which Mr. Freeze was a major villain which came out earlier than year. But Warner Bros. became worried by the overwhelmingly negative critical reactions and reviews of the movie and decided to delay release. Surprisingly, Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero was immensely successful and praised for its storyline and won the Annie Award for Best Home Video Animation.

Based upon the hugely successful and popular Batman: The Animated Series television series, this movie drew its plot and storyline directly upon the Emmy Award winning episode for Best Writing, "Heart of Ice" and also "Deep Freeze" with this movie serving as the continuation/conclusion.

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero was the second of a trilogy of animated movies based upon Batman: The Animated Series; a sequel to Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and the predecessor to Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.



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