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Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell, The (2006)

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The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell
The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell
Directed By Kevin Wheatley, Jonny Gillette
Written By Kevin Wheatley
Cast Kevin Wheatley, Bill English, Daniel Baldwin, Tony Hale
Produced By Jamie Bullock, Ryan Turi
Film Editing By Cameron Pearce
Cinematography By Cameron Pearce
Music By Russ Howard III

National Lampoon Productions, Threshold Productions



Release Date



90 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

National Lampoon, Comedy Central



  • Kevin Wheatley as Tex Kennedy
  • Paul Whitty as Quincy the Robot
  • Chandler Parker as Yul the Robot
  • Jamie Bullock as Cannibal Sue
  • Bill English as Benjamin Remington
  • Lea Coco as Vincent "Jackle" Remington
  • Alex Reznik as Yurik Schlatz
  • Ted Schneider as Marcellus St. Joan
  • Daniel Baldwin as Clark Remington
  • Katherine Cunningham-Eves as Veronica
  • Katherine Flynn as Allison
  • Alcorn Minor as Xavier
  • Jane Seymour as President Lauren Coffey



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