Beach Spike
Beach Spike 2011
Directed By Tony Tang
Screenplay By Tony Tang, Chan Pak Nin, Leung Mong Fung
Cast Chrissie Chow, Theresa Fu, Jessica Cambensy, Leon Hill
Produced By Peggy Lee, Charlie Wong, Bey Logan
Film Editing By Yau Chi Wai
Cinematography By Chan Chi Ying
Music By Noel Quinlan

Good Man Bond International, C & M Film Workshop, T-Films, Film Development Fund, BS Films Production


Hong Kong



Release Date

July 7, 2011

Distributed By

Edko Films



  • Chrissie Chau as Sharon
  • Theresa Fu as Rachel
  • Jessica Cambensy as Natalie
  • Him Law as Tim
  • Alex Lam as Water
  • Lam Suet as Water's Father
  • Lo Mang as Uncle Tao
  • Sharon Yeung as Auntie Tao
  • Phoenix Chou as Natasha
  • Candice Yu as Mrs. Bro
  • Philip Ng as Coach
  • La Ying as SingSing



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